“Rules and laws may govern mechanical systems, but not people. The new paradigm … acknowledges that organizations are partially mechanical beings…and also living organisms whose lifeblood is composed of feelings, beliefs, and dreams.

Arnold Mindell



that underlies Lewis Deep Democracy

LDD is cutting edge in that it is based on quantum thinking as opposed to the typical and traditional psychologichal theories which are based on a Newtonian view of the world.


The world cannot be defined by what one sees, as we know that everything that exists is energy.

You and I are simply denser forms of energy. We look separate but we are all part of an inclusive energy field.

We now from the auric field that we go beyond our bodies.

We don’t really know what causes what. Even the big bang theory is questionable.

But we can look at patterns and recurring patterns and from the patterns we can make “sense” of the world. One of the patterns is that transformation comes after or “through” chaos. 

We don’t know which comes first, whether chaos causes transformation or vice versa, but we do know that they are linked. We also know that chaos is linked with tension.

When things are chaotic, e.g. you have organized your life to be on time for an important appointment, you have left yourself more than enough time to get to the appointment on time. On route you come across unscheduled road works which means that you will be late! Most of us at this stage feel a sense of groundlessness / and anxiety. We tend quickly to pass over these feelings and name and blame. This action known as projection  is when we tend not to take accountability or own our power to fix things but it becomes the other’s fault.

We can engage and resolve the tension, we can create a quantum shift. The change may not even seem linked to the issue under discussion.

Change is not a linear process, and may go in any direction. A quantum informed view may see change occurring something like this:

Our ability to transform and grow ourselves, our relationships, small groups, societies and the larger world is based on how fluid or stuck the energy becomes. The potential for growth and expansion is vast and never ending but our ability to consciously tap into that growth potential ourselves, others and the world is dependent on how stuck or rigid we are in our energy roles.

For example, we are born with a potential to hear a wide range of sound frequencies. However, through language and socialization processes we learn to limit the frequency band of sound that we “tune into” and hear. The other frequencies that we no longer tune into and hear are still available but we have become programmed to tune them out. The same can be seen in relation to our personality coping mechanisms which we develop in early childhood.

As individuals we are part of an energy field and have vast potential to be far more than what we are.   Our personality patterns become limitations that diminish the potential range of experience available. This is analogous to the sound frequencies we tune out. We become ‘stuck’ or rigid in our lives, in our interactions with others and the reinforcement of our pattern by others. This occurs not only in ourselves but also in the dynamics in relationships, families, small groups, communities and societies. The fractal pattern of energies/roles becomes stuck.  

Cycling/repetitive behavior indicates the ‘stuckness’ or rigidity in roles.

Reflect for a moment what is cycling in your personal life.

  • How trapped are you in your Pattern?
  • What is cycling in your intimate or primary relationships with your part?
  • What is cycling in your nuclear family and your family of origin?
  • What is cycling at work, in your community, or society in which you live ?
  • What is cycling in the world?

As you reflect you may become aware of the intensity and density of the field and how stuck we are!

With cycling comes edge behavior. This is the feeling associated with cycling that indicate that unconscious material is pushing against the boundaries of conscious behavior wanting to become conscious. The process is like birthing and the feelings are uncomfortable, even painful. This is what Freud meant by homeostasis or balance. We would rather stay with the familiar than change.

Reflect again in all the areas and become aware how hard it is to change. If you look at your own personality pattern you will be able to bring to consciousness what you need to do to change. It’s usually a very clear and simple task. It’s not that you are unaware cognitively of what needs to be done, but the difficulty is how to integrate this new insight into your emotions and behavior. Through becoming aware of how difficult it is to change we gain insight into how roles become rigid .

Energy is moving and dynamic. Nothing stays still, we are vibrating. Each time the pattern cycles, the intensity and tension and ‘stuckness’ increases. We will move along the terrorist role.

Symptoms that the terrorist line is being taken are the joking, making excuses or gossiping Later the energy becomes more extreme leading to a go slow, a  breakdown in communication, separation and even war.

Look at your own world at this moment. How many times are you separating from people or groups? How many personal “wars” are you waging? Look at the world at large: how many separations and wars are taking place?

The way to get off the terrorist line is to ‘say’ or become conscious of what needs to be said, or what is trying to be pushed into the consciousness to be born.

To use the sound wave metaphor, if we are able to expand our pattern and hear a little more of the frequency wave, we become more fluid, less stuck and better able to tap into the wellspring of potential available to us. We will grow, our relations with others will start becoming fluid, they will grow and the fractal thread will affect the fractal tapestry of the world. The growth is not only in ourselves. Each one of us is part of the field therefore we are adding to it and changing it. We can see our small changes affecting ourselves, our relationships, our families and our work life. Each change, like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, is affecting the larger field. In this manner we see the constant kaleidoscopic effect of changing fractal pattern within pattern. Each living being is moment to moment adding to this vast kaleidoscopic pattern and the “oneness“ is constantly vibrating and changing. It is awesome to ponder.

From this perspective, change and transformation arise from working with energy fields as opposed to working with individuals. When energy fields become fluid, the individual and the group are given the opportunity to change. For example: when the archetypes of healer and needy person become fluid, the individuals caught in those energy roles will feel less trapped and projections and dreaming up will lessen. The fluidity of roles will provide individuals the opportunity to explore other roles, incorporating the part of themselves that they may least identify with or be blind to. The growth and transformation that takes place through this process is often not consciously sought by the individual. The process usually feels more natural than therapy. It is something that is part of life as opposed to a deliberate decision to go to therapy in order to change and grow. The process can be gentle and fun, unfolding whilst undertaking life’s tasks, for example at business meetings.

This is the part that LDD plays. The method is incorporated into the work environment. It is part of life’s prosaic activities. Fluidity in the energetic field is attained, and that fluidity in turn affects the individual. As a result the individual, the group and the organization grow. The exponential growth releases the wisdom and the energy waiting to be born in the unconscious. There is a  quantum change.

The aim of Lewis Deep Democracy is to facilitate fluidity of energy fields. This leads initially to chaos, then moves to growth and transformation, for individuals  and the group.

The tools of LDD which promote this are: 

  • Encouraging all views to be heard.
  • Enabling minority voices to be heard.
  • Spreading the energies beyond individuals and thereby working with energies, not individuals.
  • Resolving tension and conflict between polarized energies.


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