A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

– Martin Luther King Jnr.

Powered by the LDD method, CoResolve is a two-day training program that gives you the theoretical background, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and long term support that you need to achieve your leadership goals.

Regardless of what environment you are leading in,we recognise that the hardest part of being a leader is understanding and managing individuals and team dynamics. Creating and maintaining an environment where people feel heard and enabling everyone to bring the best version of themselves is challenging but achievable.

  • Are you looking for tools on how to improve meetings?
  • Are you or your team struggling with decision-making?
  • Or is the implementation of decisions a problem? 
  • Does it feel like your team members are working against each other instead of with each other?
  • Are you finding that welcoming diversity is a challenge?
  • Is your organisation experiencing resistance to authority or change?
  • Or is your organisation wanting to maximise productivity?
  • Are some of your stakeholders disengaged or struggling to find a way to work with you?


  • Are you stuck and looking for ways to heighten creativity and innovation?

In a multicultural and ever-changing society, effective leadership can lead to breakthrough changes, generate the spirit of collaboration, develop ownership and commitment. If you want to enhance your leadership, consider CoResolve. 



      How to be present and self-aware in the moment

      How to become truly objective and see the problem in a manner that is unaffected by your emotional and cognitive biases

      How to become aware of your communication ‘vices’ so as to prevent them affecting the group 

      How to own your role as leader when required 


     How to resolve differences of opinions, arguments and conflicts instead of allowing anger and blaming to continue

      How to use tension as an opportunity to enhance learning and relationships

      Unleash the creative potential



      How to pick up on the early signs of resistance and emerging conflict so you’re able to reduce tension before it becomes a problem

      Identify roles that appear in a group dynamic and how to work with them to maintain balance

      How to deal with the minority and understand the deeper meaning behind those that say ‘no’

      Learn the obstacles to good communication and how to build the foundations for shared understanding


    How to get buy-in on your decisions and make people feel considered and understood

      How to facilitate dynamic conversations and keep everyone on course to reach a decision

      How to unleash engagement and creativity whilst maintaining your authority

     How to harness the power of collective intelligence by enabling even the most quiet of participants to express their views


“There was a really conflictual situation with me and another guy on the team. Our director actually sat us down, and told us that we were going to use some Deep Democracy things. We had about a 45-minute discussion breaking down the issue, identifying what the problems were. He followed it to the T. It was actually one of the more stressful colleague situations I’ve had in a while. I have to say, it was a little bit raw afterward, but it was a safe environment. I have a fabulous relationship with this guy going forward, and we really do work well together. It was really, really effective.”

Leigh Anne Albert

Senior Manager at MAC Consulting

Johannesburg, South Africa

“In my law career, I experienced very often that people said yes, but did no. In other words, they would say yes on stage, but behind the curtains, it was “no way”. That does a lot of damage to communication and relationships. But being able to do as you say you will do, and to really find out what is needed to be good for what you say—that’s very important to me, professionally, and that’s what The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy has really added for me: making certain that a yes really will be a yes in practice.”

Wanda Everts

Everts Mediation & Coaching

Zwolle, Netherlands

“CoResolve tools are useful in client meetings, and attaining contracts from clients.  As opposed to simply discussing superficial issues, we use CoResolve to diffuse tension in the room, and also to understand why a client might not want a contract with our company.  By listening to potential client concerns, we can proactively address any issues, show the potential client that they have their best interests at heart, and broker a successful deal.”

Leslie Westray

HOD & Manager of Structural Design
Division for DRA Global

Johannesburg, South Africa



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