We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

– Albert Einstein


In learning to go deeper within ourselves, we better understand that our actions affect our environment and vice versa. We are more able to see tension, how it arises, and how it affects our relationship dynamics. The more we become conscious the more we can change. The result is deeper and stronger connections that are attuned to our own needs and the needs of others.

  • Is there tension and conflict in your relationships?

  • Do you struggle to be heard?

  • Do you struggle to communicate with your children?

    Some of the ways the LDD method is used by Individuals, couples and families:

    • Understand themselves better so they can overcome personal obstacles and have more fulfilling relationships
    • Create a safe ‘space’ to say and hear the things that usually go unsaid
    • Help navigate through tension and conflict resulting in a deeper, mutual understanding
    • Become more self aware to enable better in-the-moment decision making
    • Ensure all family members are heard and have a say in matters that impact them – creating more responsibility and accountability for decisions made


    All change starts with ones’ self.

    I Know Me (IKM) is a psychological assessment designed to identify your unconscious patterns of behaviour.

    When we become conscious of these patterns we’re able to work on overcoming them, in turn allowing us to realise our full potential.

    The assessment is a deeply reflective questionnaire followed by a one-on-one online interview. We’ll give you insights on your patterns of behaviour with clear indications of areas for growth and suggested tools and techniques to help you overcome your obstacles.

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    For those committed to shaping a generation of inclusive, open-minded youngsters who can make decisions without conflict, the LDD method proves uniquely relevant and pragmatic.

    Effective Parenting is a highly experiential, adults only course conducted in small groups people over 6 sessions.

    You will learn:

    • How to resolve the tension that arises from differences of opinion in your family
    • An inclusive decision making process that gains buy-in from all family members
    • How to empower your children with decision making skills
    • How to better communicate with your child so both your voices are heard


    • Strengthens the parent-child bond
    • Be able to connect with your family on a deeper level
    • Create a more harmonious home where everyone feels heard and understood


    Parents today face significant challenges when it comes to raising children. Many of the issues revolve around technology or gadgets that didn’t exist until relatively recently. This has an impact on how we parent and the workshop provides new and creative ways of addressing these challenges.

    Family Dialogue Workshops are driven by parents wanting to come together to get help with a shared concern such as:

    • Excessive use of a mobile phone and/or computer game
    • Bullying
    • Use of alcohol or narcotics

    In a Family Dialogue Workshop, the LDD method is used to open a dialogue between parents and the youth to resolve the tension and come to a solution.

    Workshops are held based on demand, so if you have a particular issue that you know is shared amongst other parents please contact us, using the button below, and we can tailor a workshop specifically for you.



    These foundation levels are for anyone who works with people and wants to understand more about group dynamics and relationships.

    It is made up of 4 separate programs after which you will:

    • have advanced skills in facilitation and collaboration
    • be able to support groups to make more effective and efficient decisions
    • have a completely new way to understand group dynamics after your experience of role theory
    • be able to work effectively in low and high levels of conflict
    • initiate and manage processes that resolve tension.

      All the courses:

      • are highly experiential, with the opportunity to  practice skills 
      • include theory and have manuals provided
      • give you access to the Learning Centre with further information and video materials.

      Level 1 provides the foundational theory & skills of Lewis Deep Democracy. It comprises of 8 modules which can be taken over two days or in a modular format. 

      Key outcomes include:

      • the ability to effectively gain all the views within a group, and why this is invaluable
      •  the ability to recognise the minority voice and / the NO, create and hold the space for its expression, and add its value into majority decision making
      • knowing how, when and why decision making processes build resistance
      • understanding group dynamics from the perspectives of role theory and field theory
      • the ability to facilitate processes that support groups to engage with tension and experience the transformative potential of conflict
      • insights into how to apply and use the theory and tools in your facilitation and consulting work as well as in your personal life

      Once you have completed the Level 1 course you may further your journey with Level 2. This is also a 2 day program which can be taken in an equivalent modular style making up the two days.

      Key outcomes of the level 2 course include:

      • further integration of Lewis Deep Democracy theory and practice into your work
      • increasing your ability to facilitate from the different positions of facilitator, leader and participant
      • an extension of your knowledge and skills regarding Step 5 of LDD, learning the Debate, the  Argument and the Golden Arrows, doing them in pairs and in groups and meetings
      • deepening your understanding of roles and role mapping
      • strengthening your understanding and practice of neutrality, including learning the Neutrality Exercise

      Once you have competed Level 2 you may continue to the Level 3 course. This is also a 2 day program which can be taken in an equivalent modular style making up the two days.

      Key outcomes of the Level 3 program include:

      • enhanced ability to “hold” a group  where there is conflict, and manage the processes for its resolution
      • increased sensitivity to the metaskill of neutrality, recognizing quickly when you have lost it and knowing how to regain it
      • the skills of reflective listening and amplification.

      The Level 4 course runs for three consecutive days. It focuses on growing your metaskills through gaining a deeper understanding of yourself based on the  psychological models underpinning Lewis Deep Democracy. It will further fine tune your Lewis Deep Democracy practice and also provide you with supervision. The prerequisite for Level 4 is completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3. It is also recommended that participants complete an I-Know-Me assessment questionnaire and receive one-on-one feedback.

      Key outcomes of the Level 4 program include:

      • exploration of the psychological models that have been developed and adapted to form Lewis Deep Democracy, including the work of Freud, Bern, Erskin, Jung and Mindell
      • an understanding of your own deeper psychology
      • further exploration of Lewis Deep Democracy from both a Newtonian and quantum lens
      • deeper understanding and development of metaskills
      • access to further practice and supervision



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